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Are you looking for the perfect place to sell your crochet patterns? Then you have come to the right place!

Please note! This is a market place for crochet patterns only, if you have any questions contact us at:

How it works:

When you sign up as a seller at you get to create your own store front, with your own branding. You set your own prices and upload your downloadable pdf files.

Selling fees’s

As a seller on you don’t pay anything until you start selling. For each pattern sold there is a fixed fee of 1$ for patterns, If you dont sell anything there is no cost to you. So no risk at all!

Where does that 1$ go?

The payment options provided by charges a fixed fee of 0,35$ and 3,4% per sale. For a pattern priced at 5$ that comes out to 0,51$ in transaction fee’s. That leaves 0,49$ that goes to and running the site.

So if your pattern is 5$ and 1$ goes to socraftsy, you make 4$

Withdrawl fee

To withdraw money from your account you need to have reached the minimum withdraw limit of 50$ then you can request a withdrawal to either your bank account or your paypal account.

Withdrawal to paypal account: 4% of total amount

Withdrawal to bank account: fixed fee of 7$ regardless of amount

This covers Socraftsy’s withdrawal fees (we make no money on your withdrawals, the fees goes directly to the payment provider)

So if you request a withdrawal to your paypal account of 100$ the fee is 4$

To become a seller on sign up below

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